I’ve just logged into my Tinder and all sorts of my matches have already been deleted, this is simply not right. Therefore wish they sort this matter away and provide me personally straight back my matches.

I’ve just logged into my Tinder and all sorts of my matches have already been deleted, this is simply not right. Therefore wish they sort this matter away and provide me personally straight back my matches.

Tinder software on my iPhone is certainly not working, simply keeps crashing I try to open on me when.

Hi Milo. You’re maybe maybe not alone – I’m facing the extremely exact same problem. We haven’t been getting just about any matches since last week and (immodest or perhaps not) – I familiar with get a lot. Further to this – we no more have any dudes reveal up for swiping and also the mom of all of the annoyance as a match, and his messages suddenly disappeared and I’m pretty sure he didn’t unmatch me– I was hitting it off with this amazing guy when he. It sucks does not it? Tinder support – sort it down, are you going to.

same task happens to be occurring for me too for weeks now, do you look for a method surrounding this? attempted anything you listed

okay. We have no clue what the nagging issue is right here. I have 0 matches. It’s been such as for instance an and a half month. We familiar with get matches semi regularly and I’ve been on a few Tinder times. I mean… maybe I’m unsightly. But that nevertheless does not explain 0 matches! Is Tinder actually stating that every woman in 100 mile radius of me personally swiped left?! The real deal?! have always been I that unsightly Jesus!? Why did my ex girlfriends lie for me?! Why couldn’t they just say “I like you but as the woman i must be truthful, you aren’t that great looking”? Why they always gotta say “Omg you’re so handsome!” and then check out perform acts that are oral extreme lust? (Yeah that’s just exactly exactly how it happened…)

Anyhow. 0 matches. Sort it out.

Hasn’t been working precisely for months for me personally. Deere app down load sometimes works. It now won’t open at all simply offers me “server error” message. I’m getting so fed up with it now, i recently wish to have shop around, obtain a hold Tinder

I’ve simply exposed my Tnder software on iPhoen and got communications to learn, nonetheless it shall maybe maybe not i’d like to start them because we apparently don’t have any host connection.

Unable to get on Tinder. Appears to be offline for me personally.

Everybody’s profile arises but we can’t see anybodies photos including my very own any more?? I’ve attempted logging inside and outside, reinstalling..

I’ve had continuous mistakes logging in, I’ve attempted reinstalling tinder, restarting phone, disabling tinder on FB, reenabling it, and each time I have the host mistake saying ‘There are dilemmas connecting to Tomder. Please take to once more later on.’ Does anybody have whatever else i possibly could take to or would be the servers simply down?

I can’t login as server is down?? anybody? today?

Having troubles logging in, also via fcbk since Sunday early morning, messaging okay Saturday night then Sunday early morning absolutely absolutely nothing, steve,

I cant sign in its facebook that is saying cancelled help please

Does anybody understand why other matches photos never download, we can’t see whom I’m chatting too?? Cheryl

Some body I happened to be talking to hasn’t responded – we shut all and reopened – every thing gone!! fortunately had on iPad too with an unknown number for 1 – he stated I’d gone from system. I’ve lost some one I happened to be getting in well with gggrrrr

I’m obtaining the exact problem that is same! ?? All my matches and communications have simply disappeared into nothing!

I’m not pleased after all with Tinder, We had an email out of this lady I have already been chatting to for the couple of weeks and then whenever I start the message you’ll find nothing there, talk about build my hopes up. Whats taking place Tinder?

App logged me personally out and then once I logged back All 100+ matches and communications are gone, I matched even more but then tried re logging inside and outside of this software plus the those whent also, got a notification saying We have a note however the individual could it be arriving

I experienced a matches that are few the are deleted. All of it appears strange at this time because we have a notification saying i have a brand new message then whenever I start it there’s nothing to learn.

Keep getting match that is successful although not showing in the application? Many times to be swipe mistakes

Tinder will likely not load any photos, maybe maybe perhaps not mine or loveandseek reviews any one else.

Been getting an email all early morning about ‘server problems, decide to try again later’

Thought it had been sorted I got home as it worked in the library earlier and then for a little bit when. Then your host mistake came ultimately back.

Loading photos since yesterday and today it won’t login.

Keeps saying there’s a mistake because of the host whenever j try sign in re set up once or twice any a few ideas??

Match list is stuck on “loading…”

In NL it is no longer working either. Recently been taking a look at loading matches for just two times now .. Either the list is simply too big (;)) or one thing sucks.

has this been fixed? I am having this presssing problem since 4 times now. attempted the typical uninstall, logout, clear information. nevertheless no fortune. Anything else is working fine

Got the same issue as Ramesh and Tim, display simply keeps saying “loading matches”

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