Sorry Geek Bar this 1 really is not in my situation! But there is however bound to be somebody who likes this!

Sorry Geek Bar this 1 really is not in my situation! But there is however bound to be somebody who likes this!

Banana Ice

I’m not ordinarily a banana fan unfortuitously – but it is quite nice!

You have the strong hit that is cold the breathe nevertheless the exhale is strictly just like the Banana foam candies you’d consume as a young child.

Once again maybe perhaps maybe not a genuine representation of consuming a real banana but a lot more of a developed flavour.

But I being truly a banana hater could gladly vape this all time!

Peach Ice

This 1 will not feel as icy cold as a number of the other ice range but there is however some cooling there.

This can be a tremendously mild peach taste with a minty tinge to your exhale.

Positively all-day vape territory as quite mild and soothing to vape on.

perhaps perhaps Not just a flavor banger this but i really could joyfully vape all day long onto it – nonetheless it does seem very “mellow” when compared to strong hit of all other pods in this range.

Battery / E-liquid Life

A couple was chosen by me of pubs at random (well the people We liked anyhow) to test just how long they lasted. In the event that battery pack discharges or even the e-liquid becomes empty the unit will minimize working and it’s also removed.

Please keep in mind i will be menopausal and have now a brain like jelly right now and so I have actually tried my better to be accurate, recording every 5 vapes on an email in my own phone. However it is most likely my counting is just a bit down but pretty near I would personally state.

Therefore firstly the Banana was tried by me Ice and I also got around 309 puffs. By the full time I’d just 9 puffs left it was really poor – I’d to essentially suck difficult (oooh matron) to have a vape.

Also used to do notice the LED wasn’t really bright if it was lighting up– you cant see this when vaping I had to hold my hand or object by the LED to see.

Therefore in my situation it seems that the battery ran away before the actual e-liquid – that may be down seriously to my type of vaping. I shall try to run straight down many others getting the average as Geek Bar do promise 575 puffs out of every unit.

The outcome are needless to say simply from 1 pod so keep that in your mind.

Final Review Verdict

The very first real question is “Who is this device for?”…

Well within my eyes it really is well suited for an individual who usually purchases tobacco services and products and just fancies offering vaping an attempt for small cost.

Also somebody out and about who has got broken a vape or has go out of one thing they need – when they could purchase a few of these disposables in place of smoking this has to be the best thing. I believe musical festivals and enormous gatherings will be a good destination to promote these.

Many vapers will maybe not look at point in these, and you will be frustrated at maybe not to be able to refill or charge these small pods. But similarly unless in a vape crisis they might be not likely purchasers of disposables anyway.


This functions really well and is great quality for an inexpensive disposable device. A number of the flavours are a little suspect that is a pity.

I’d like to understand the easiest way to get rid of this too. For instance the main one I took aside is not difficult – the body that is outer get within my synthetic waste container while the battery pack is certainly going in the small case we have from the council for batteries. Exactly what in regards to the full unit – Battery bag once more or perhaps is here various other effortless means of recycling this?

In addition need a extra information as to coil opposition, coil type and e-liquid PG / VG Proportions – many people are responsive to coil that is different / liquid types and could buy this and battle.

Nevertheless the Geek Vape construction is clear right right here and We have had no malfunctions or leakages and every unit found its way to perfect condition.

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